You can make a difference. Write to your city councillor, Talk to your friends and family, Put up a lawn sign and help us bring common sense to the conversation.



Contact your  city councillor

One of the most effective ways of making an impact is to contact your city councillor and let them know why you want a new Event Centre Downtown.

Not sure where to start? No problem. We've got a model letter that you can use as a template.

For extra impact, be sure to copy Ron Henderson, General Manager of Citizen and Leisure Services ( on your message.

Not sure who your councillor is? Check out or contact 311.

Ward 1 - Mark Signoretti
Ward 2 - Michael Vagnini
Ward 3 - Gerry Montpellier
Ward 4 - Evelyn Dutrisac
Ward 5 - Robert Kirwan
Ward 6 - René Lapierre
Ward 7 - Mike Jakubo
Ward 8 - Al Sizer
Ward 9 - Deb McIntosh
Ward 10 - Fern Cormier
Ward 11 - Lynne Reynolds
Ward 12 - Joscelyne Landry-Altmann


Get a lawn sign

Show your support with a good old fashion lawn sign. No matter where you are located in the city, someone from our team will swing by to give you a lawn sign.

Write a letter to the editor

Feeling inspired and passionate about this issue? Consider writing a letter to the editor of The Sudbury Star or to show your support


We need all hands on deck. We've got lawn signs to put, posters to distribute, and people to mobilize. We need your help.