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It's time to clear up some misinformation and get the facts out about why Downtown is the best location for our new Event Centre.

Feel free to save these images and use them in comment threads on social media to help us engage citizens in a well informed public discourse around these important issues. Below, we've also compiled a list of some of the endorsements and support letters that we've received.

Finally, we've created a quick fact sheet that adresses a lot of the facts surrounding a downtown location. Feel free to print off some copies, knock on doors and spread the facts.


Quotes from the consultants' site evaluation report

Read the full report here.


Facts and Figures


Quotes & Testimonials


PLANS AND models


A better overall experience


Endorsements & Support Letters

Councillors, what kind of city builder do you want to be? June 25, 2017
Pierre Bonhomme

Outgoing LU prez backs downtown event centre in letter to mayor June 22, 2017

Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce Supports Arena in the Downtown June 21, 2017
Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce

An open letter to the City of Greater Sudbury June 21, 2017
François Chartrand

Northern Ontario Society of Architects: the Event Centre belongs Downtown June 20, 2017
Northern Ontario Society of Architects

Downtown less risky location for new arena: city staff, June 19, 2017
Darren MacDonald

Event centre report: Downtown offers more immediate benefits for less risk, June 19, 2017 Staff

Report gives downtown best overall rating for new arena site CBC, June 19, 2017
Olivia Stefanovich

Downtown is the only option for a new event centre/arena, June 15, 2017
Ursula Sauvé

BIA vows to invest $2.2M in downtown event centre, June 15, 2017
Jeff MacIntyre, Board Chair of Downtown Sudbury

Downtown Sudbury BIA to invest $2.2 million in core event centre CBC, June 14 2017
Jeff MacIntyre, Board Chair of Downtown Sudbury

Downtown VIA puts 'skin in the game' The Sudbury Star, June 14, 2017
Jeff MacIntyre, Board Chair of Downtown Sudbury

A bright future starts with a multipurpose event centre downtown, June 6, 2017
Douglas Morrison, President & CEO of the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI)

Renaissance triangle: Former city planner lays out why downtown needs the event centre, June 5, 2017
Narasim Katary, former director of long range planning with the city (then region) and Ontario Municipal Board member

A downtown 'catalyst' The Sudbury Star, June 3, 2017
Haley Maziarski, Lively

Zulich has vision, but a downtown event centre builds for the future, May 31, 2017
Christian Pelletier, co-founder of We Live Up Here, partner at Studio123

Downtown has capacity The Sudbury Star, May 20, 2017
Ted Wilson, Master Lecturer at McEwen Architecture, Laurentian University

It's not just an arena and it needs to be downtown, May 2, 2017
Blaine Nicholls, Architect and Chair of architecture school steering committee

Sudbury’s new arena as much a vision as an amenity, April 18, 2017
Michael Atkins, President of

Making parking the top priority for new arena is a joke, right?, April 18, 2017
Neil Shyminsky, Advocate for an Event Centre Downtown

Stop hating downtown The Sudbury Star, March 1, 2017
John Grubber, Sudbury

Biggest benefit comes from downtown arena: Dalron, January 11, 2017
John Arnold, General Manager, Dalron

Moving city's downtown arena would be a betrayal of our trust, December 28, 2017
Maty Ralph, Artist and Advocate for an Event Centre Downtown

Arena good fit for downtown The Sudbury Star, March 26, 2017
Jeff MacIntyre, Board Chair of Downtown Sudbury



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