Here's why The chair of the Valley East Minor Hockey Association Tournament supports a Downtown Event Centre

With the upcoming decision to determine the location of the Sudbury Event Centre, I would like to say that as a member of the Sudbury community that does not live inside the city but on the outskirts of the city in Val Caron, I support Downtown as the preferred location for a new event centre. I am excited that we will be receiving a new updated facility that will increase the activities one can attend within Sudbury as well as the impact the centre will have upon our local business.

As a family that will need to travel to the Event Center regardless of the location I do believe that with downtown being the core of the city it would be more convenient for more of the people within the boundaries of Greater Sudbury overall. Anyone on the outskirts of the city will be required to drive or take transit to attend an event. Downtown is a more central location for more of the community attending from Valley East, Chelmsford, Dowling, Lively, etc. Personally, the parking in downtown is a non-issue for myself. I am familiar with downtown so I do know where available parking is located. I have had the discussion with many friends regarding parking. The common issue I hear is not the costs but the lack of knowledge where one may find available parking. I believe if available parking is better outlined with appropriate signage it will make it easier for anyone not familiar with downtown to figure out where they need to go.

I am a parent of three sons, ages 15, 12 and 8. I am also a very active community volunteer with youth organizations and surrounded by other parents and children daily. My oldest son has been and the younger two will be reaching the age in the near future or a few years down the road where they will begin to attend events without a parent. Instead they are now choosing to go with their friends, like many other teens within community. My children enjoy attending many activities downtown. Besides hockey games at the Sudbury Arena they have been to concerts, Graphic Con, Monster Trucks, Movie Night under the stars, Trivia night at the Fromagerie, teen dances at Zig’s, as well as many other events held downtown throughout the year.

I view downtown as a better location for my children and other young people within Greater Sudbury to be able attend on their own as they grow older and are becoming more independent.  Using the transit system to go to events on the Kingsway would be more difficult of a task for anyone on the outskirts. First, they will require significantly more time to take the bus out to this location. Also, once there, they will have little other activities available for them to utilize at the Kingsway location. On the contrary, when they more easily take a bus to downtown they will also have an opportunity to first or afterwards visit other locations downtown frequented by teenagers, such as Scrabblelatte, Smoke’s Poutinerie or local sandwich shops and café’s. 

If the new event centre location is determined to be on the Kingsway, I do believe it will prevent young people from attending activities and events being held, thereby reducing the opportunity for them to have fun within our city at this facility.

With the issue being heavily debated by many within the community I felt I would like to give my opinion, as well as my support to a Downtown Event Centre.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.


Shannon Baumhour

Valley East Minor Hockey Association Tournament Chairperson/Initiation Convener/Operations Support
Valley East Minor Baseball Association Secretary/Umpire Assignor