Is a Motorsports Park Feasible on the Zulich/Kingsway Site?

With photo from the Sudbury Star

With photo from the Sudbury Star

For immediate release:

June 20, 2017

Is a Motorsports Park Feasible on the Kingsway Site?

Over the last 3 years, Sudbury Downs has actively examined the feasibility of establishing a motorsports park at our site.  Our extensive research included:

  • Traveling to most motorsport facilities in the Province;
  • Detailed discussions with current park operators;
  • Visits to our site by industry experts;
  • The conceptual layout of a motorsports park at our site; and
  • A detailed analysis of the BDO Business Case Study commissioned by the City of Greater Sudbury in 2011.    

Regrettably, the clear and obvious conclusion was that a motorsports park was not feasible at Sudbury Downs without a long term commitment for continued operation of the existing casino.

So, how can the Kingsway site make sense - let’s look at the facts:

The BDO Study

BDO estimated the costs to construct a motorsports park at the Sudbury Airport lands at $17 million. This estimate was on a relatively flat piece of land that was mostly sand and gravel. The land was valued at $0 cost.

Sudbury Downs

We have conceptually estimated the cost to construct a motorsports park at Sudbury Downs to be $8-$10 million. We have a flat site with sandy soil and no rock or swamp - easy to build on. Most importantly, we already have the existing infrastructure - access roads, parking, sewer, water, washrooms, food & beverage, zoning, a grandstand and even a race track.

The Kingsway

What does the Kingsway site provide?  Motorsport parks require large areas of flat land. The 100 acres proposed by this site has the following attributes:

  •     Not even owned by the promoter;
  •     Consists of rock and swamp land that would cost many million dollars to level;
  •     Has no infrastructure in place;
  •     Has no funding in place; and
  •     Is located next to the municipal landfill.

Clearly, a motorsports park on the Kingsway site would be so costly that, by any measure, it would not be feasible and will not happen.

The grand vision, the dream, is great - but motorsports enthusiasts have been looking for a home in Greater Sudbury for over 20 years. The problem with a dream is sometimes you have to wake up and face reality - a first class motorsports park is expensive to build and costly to operate.

With expanded gaming at Sudbury Downs, we can pursue the development of a motorsports park at our facility at a significantly lower cost when compared to either the Airport site or the Kingsway. This reality - these facts - present the best chance of seeing motorsports activity within Greater Sudbury.

For more information check, email or call Andrew at (705) 855-9001. 

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