Write a letter to your city councillor

One of the most efficient ways of having an impact is to contact your city councillor to let them know why you want the Event Centre to stay downtown.

Not sure where to start? No problem. We've got model letters below that you can copy-paste and tweak at your discretion.

Not sure who your councillor is? Check out GreaterSudbury.ca or contact 311.

Ward 1 - Mark Signoretti
Ward 2 - Michael Vagnini
Ward 3 - Gerry Montpellier
Ward 4 - Evelyn Dutrisac
Ward 5 - Robert Kirwan
Ward 6 - René Lapierre
Ward 7 - Mike Jakubo
Ward 8 - Al Sizer
Ward 9 - Deb McIntosh
Ward 10 - Fern Cormier
Ward 11 - Lynne Reynolds
Ward 12 - Joscelyne Landry-Altmann


Model letter

Feel free to copy-paste this letter and tweak it to meet your concerns and reasons.


Dear Councillor,

As a constituent of your ward, I wanted to send you a few words to express my support for an Event Centre downtown.

Our new Event Centre will not only give us a place to gather and celebrate, but define who we are and how we grow as a community. When it comes to traffic flow, accessibility, population density, economic impact, geography, city building, and more, facts point to Downtown as the most logical location.

A new Event Centre downtown will stimulate development in the core. The city of London saw property tax assessments in the core increase 59% since the opening of the Budweiser Gardens. There’s been $170 million invested in core real estate in their downtown in that same year 10 period as well as the opening of over 150 new retailers.

A new Event Centre downtown will push the creation of new private and public parking structures. Private developers have expressed interest in building parking structures if the new Event Centre goes downtown since parking demand after 6 p.m. will increase.

A new Event Centre downtown will have the largest economic impact on our community. Kingston saw a $14.9 million economic impact in event-related expenditures in 2009, $16.5 million in 2010 and is directly associated with the creation of 910 new jobs over that two year period.

A new Event Centre downtown will be centrally accessible to all Sudburians and increase attendance. Downtown also offers many entry and exit points that facilitate traffic flow. The fact that parking is spread out over several lots and streets reduces bottlenecking of traffic before and after an event. Lastly, a new Event Centre downtown is a cornerstone of the Master Plan and a crucial part of the future of our city.

Cities similar in size to ours have had great success in investing in their downtown arenas and those who have not have had great regrets in moving their arenas outside of their downtown core. This could be the most important decision facing this council. I trust that you will exercise leadership and courage in making this decision.

The verdict is in and the Consultants' report underscores downtown as the best location for Greater Sudbury's new Event Centre: 

  • “The evaluation indicates the Downtown site is the highest rated site"
  • “The Downtown Site provides a greater ability to realize complimentary benefits in the short to medium term compared to other sites”
  • “The locations is directly consistent with the City’s strategic vision and city building policies.”

I ask that you and council practice due diligence and look at the facts that show that downtown is the best location.

Thank you for taking this matter seriously.



Your Name