letter in support of sustainable development for all of Greater Sudbury

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An open letter to City Council, His Worship the Mayor Brian Bigger and the citizens of the City of Greater Sudbury

Building for the future

Greater Sudbury is at a turning point in its history; we have been sitting on an exciting and rare opportunity. With the Downtown Master Plan, the community and Council launched Northern Ontario’s Urban Supercluster.
We already have an entertainment and culture cluster downtown. We have the region’s largest concentration of hospitality and retail industry. We have a growing post-secondary cluster and all this is happening at the heart of the greatest concentration of people and talent in the entire north. 
These elements are the foundation of a development hub for the Northeast that can attract more people and jobs. 

The first element is Culture and Entertainment. 

Our council is set to decide on key projects that offer to set Sudbury as the regional hub for Arts, Sports and Entertainment. The addition of a new Event Centre that can attract both big acts and National sporting events like a Brier or Figure skating championship, The Franklin Carmichael Art Gallery that will boast one of the best collections of Group of Seven pieces, Place des Arts which will be a northern hub for the francophone arts community, and the proposed Synergy Centre which will host conferences for attendees from across the country.

The second element is the existing local hospitality and retail industry cluster within the Downtown.

While hospitality has been active and growing in the Downtown for the past 10 years, our retail sector is seeing a renaissance of new shops being operated by driven young entrepreneurs gaining international attention. While currently healthy, our hospitality industry is set to strengthen and grow with the Culture and Entertainment investments.

The third and most important element is the people.

The McEwen School of Architecture has brought a new energy to the Downtown, with diverse and forward thinking students and academics poised to drive our community forward it’s a big step, but only the first step. Today’s workforce is the most mobile workforce in history; people are not tied to a city by a job in the ways they have been in the past. People are choosing the city they live in, instead of having it selected for them by the job they do.

A strong urban core is a fundamental element in attracting a digital workforce, and a digital workforce helps drive a variety of employment across a region. Our mining supply sector, education, and health care industry is more and more dependent on a digital workforce. That burgeoning workforce is not only spinning off standalone digital jobs in app and software development but is also uniquely positioned to offer manufacturing jobs creating everything from digital devices to smart industrial equipment. This workforce demands from a city a high quality of life, walkability, a strong local hospitality and retail sector integrated into a vibrant and diverse entertainment district.

These three elements coming together not only strengthens the Downtown but attracts the types of workers that will strengthen our existing industries allowing them to compete not only on a national but global scale. All of this combined equates to more jobs for our entire region, across sectors and a strong tax base to solve long-standing problems like road and water infrastructure.

Shirley Vincent, Downtown Business Owner
Matt Alexander
Marsha Fabbro
Clayton Drake, Film Industry Professional, Co-founder, Party Cannon, the Almighty Rhombus
Félix Hallée-Théoret
Mathew John Ralph
K Donato, taxpayer
Nicholas Fournier
Isabella Scola Lawryshyn
Frank Chartrand
Chris Tammi, Real Estate Broker
David Hunt
Josée Nault
Krishna Patel
Tina Bouffard
Dunstan Topp, musician & technician
Christian Pelletier, Co-Founder of We Live Up Here
Chelsea Marie Borton
Cody Marcoux, musician & designer
Brandon Fordham
Victoria Torchia
Maureen Luoma
Daniel Barrette, Executive Director, Rainbow Routes Association
Maggie Leblanc, Communications/Member Services, Downtown Sudbury BIA
Dr. David Robinson, professor of economics, Laurentian University
Shannon Caudle
Chris Williams, artist
Jeff MacIntyre, Chair, Downtown Sudbury
Dennis Gainer, Peddlers Pub
Angie Gilmore
Krista Piper
Vicki Jacobs, Copy Copy Printing
Judi Straughan
Matt St. Pierre, General Manager, The Laughing Buddha
David Wood, P.Eng, Business Owner, professional engineer
Brian Kuczma, Wolves Season Ticket Holder
Rob Roy, Business Owner
Oli Palkovits
Noemie Lavigne
Kelley Smith, taxpayer
Elizabeth Jacobs
Valerie Smith
Sophie Baysarowich
Erin Danyliw, manager, Copy Copy Printing
Gynette Lavoie
Dean Dion, taxpayer
Angelina Jacobs
Marie-Josée Pelletier, Public Servant
Tomasz Mrozewski, taxpayer
Heather Thomas, taxpayer
Jason Lind
Kayla Borkovich
Stephanie Fisher
Laura Willett
Anne Salter Dorland, Executive Director, Sudbury Manitoulin Children's Foundation
Sabrina Desjardins, mother of two
Mary Smith
Dr. Ray Wiss, Emergency Physician
Marika McDonald, taxpayer
Paolo Scola
Lauren Pileggi
Janik Guy
Brooke Bruce, Laurentian student
Emma Vincent Croft
Emilie Antoniazzi, Business owner
Rob Gregorini, Founder, The Durham Social
Jonathan Danyliw, taxpayer
Michael Yankovich, business owner, Motley Kitchen
Natalie Lefebvre, business owner, Motley Kitchen
Tariq Alladin, Pharmacist
Matthew Wiewel, Musician and business owner
Derek Weisenberg, taxpayer
Amanda Kingsley Malo, Teacher, Founder of PoliticsNOW
Diane Doucet Salo, Retired, former business owner
Andre Dumais
Ashley Wills
Thomas Yorke
Lee Smith, Business owner, Laurentian Business Products
Tim Boyles, taxpayer
Brian McCullagh, taxpayer
Robert Greene, taxpayer
Jennifer Witty
Stephany Saroka, taxpayer
Mark Browning, owner, Tucos Tacos, Cosmic Dave's Vinyl Emporium
Doris Lafond
Werner Scherzinger, taxpayer
Brian Danyliw, taxpayer
Ryan Demers, animateur culturel, artiste pigiste, CSPGNO
Jennifer Holub
Dennis Laurin, Business owner
Tyler Hodkinson, taxpayer
Maxime Hillman
Jan Browning, Business Owner, Jan Browning Boutique, Cloud 9 Shoes
Kristopher Dickson
Roxanne Taillefer, taxpayer
Ian Maclennan, Chair, Theatre and Motion Picture Arts, Thorneloe University
Harriet Kideckel, retiree
Jessica Nadel, Beards Coffee Bar & Bakery
Bora Ugurgel
Giorgia Apolloni, taxpayer
Doug Bonhomme, taxpayer
Paul Waltenbury, downtown employee and resident
Sidney Smith, student
Scott Minor, taxpayer
Wendy Watson, taxpayer and Community Volunteer
Haley Cassio
Elia  Lamberti, taxpayer
Lorne Johnson, taxpayer
John Arnold, Dalron
Debbie Johnson, taxpayer
Sophia Kucyk, taxpayer
Andrew Lamberti, taxpayer
Arthur Peach, Partner, Architectural Practice
Deborah Sauvé, Business owner, Fuel Multimedia
WIll Gasteiger, Business owner
Brian Smith, Business owner and citizen of Sudbury
Scott Florence
Geoff McCausland, Business owner, taxpayer, resident
Brenda Coulson, taxpayer
Rachelle Niemela, taxpayer
Jessie MacIsaac
Paul Loewenberg
Stephanie Doveton
Dan Vallieres, owner, Lost Lantern Tattoo Co.
Albert Crispo, taxpayer
Jimmy Giroux, owner, Collective Haus Barbershop
Bernie Girard
Andrea DeMarco, Downtown resident
Shirley Clements, taxpayer & retired employee of the City of Greater Sudbury
Brittany Bonhomme
David Genereux
Sophja Bagaoui, Taxpayer
Eric Legendre
Kevin Sullivan
John Grubber
Al O'Neill
Denise Regaudie, Partner, Huckleberries Chocolatiers
William Gridley, Taxpayer, Downtown Resident, Assistant Director, Directors Guild of Canada
Denise Regaudie, Partner/ Business owner, Huckleberries Chocolatiers
Phil Golubovich
Elaine Montpellier, Taxpayer
Samuel Merrifield, Medical Resident
Ryan Waram, Geologist, taxpayer
Kim Masiero, Taxpayer
Matt Rocca, Designer & Musician, Northern Credit Union
Keisha Andrews
Andrew Watt, McEwen Architecture Student
Meghan Perrin
Kelly Ann Reilly
Malcolm Masiero, Taxpayer
Malcolm Masiero, Taxpayer
Sara Frampton
Jennifer Tomlin
Jacques-André Blouin, Taxpayer
Gaston Cotnoir, Community Member
Trevor Alston, Business Owner, PandemoniumSALON
Brittany Caines
Josée-Renée Erskine
Matthew Heiti
Mackenzie Parr
Jenny Fortin
Shayne Bol
Katharine Emrich Harmon, Taxpayer & community volunteer
Leah-Jo Mercer, Lover of Downtown Sudbury
Shawn Kosmerly, Director/Producer, Local Musician, Here Kitty Kitty Productions
Niko Bota
Andre Chretien
Andrew Graham
Chrisanne Daniel
Bernice Hibbs, Taxpayer
Stephanie LaPlante, taxpayer
Mélanie Tremblay
Kate Barber, Citizen and Sudbury Wolves Season Ticket Holder
Dave Battaino, Citizen and Sudbury Wolves Season Ticket Holder
David Barber, Youth and Sudbury Wolves Season Ticket Holder
Arthur Flowers, Taxpayer, SNOlab
Sam Cassio
David Cividino, Taxpayer
Connor McLean, medical student
Sahana Dharmaraj
Benoit Lachapelle
Kristina Lavoie, Citizen of Downtown
Andrea Gebhardt, Manager, El Mercado
Anthony Buttazzoni
Dean Lupini, Downtown Business Owner, Key Logic Inc.
Seija Cassidy Eskola, taxpayer
Ernst Gerhardt,
Denis Lemieux, taxpayer
Michael Milad, Manager, Oscar's Grill
Antoine Tremblay Beaulieu, Youth Programming Coordinator, Artist Facilitator, Singer-Songwriter, Carrefour francophone
Courtney Folz
Steve May
Kailey Smith, taxpayer
Guy Godin, tax payer
Michael Carriere, Advanced Glass & Detailing
Molly Kennedy
Peggy Meigs
Amber Salach, Architect, Yallowega Bélanger Salach Architecture
Rob McCann, Taxpayer
Gabrielle Roy, Owner, Stitch & Stone
Kyle McCall, Community Advocate
Wayne Jones, Taxpayer
Jason Perdue, Medical student
Maryse Gareau
Marsha Fabbro, Business owner, El Mercado
Laura Vettoretti, Taxpayer
Suzanne Houle, Taxpayer
Abby Cassio
Charles Lavallee
Matthew Dipsell
Inès Bagaoui
Skylar Wielgosch, Registered nurse
Carlos Siller, Owner, Taco Sol
Matthew Quesnel, Journeyperson, Anmar
John Larsen
Cindy Tessier, taxpayer
Angela E Perdue, Architecture Student, McEwen School of Architecture
Alexander Mayhew, Downtown Resident, McEwen Architecture'18 Student
Natalie Lalonde, Animatrice culturelle - artiste
Heather Geverding, Resident
Amelia Munn, Taxpayer
Melissa Menard, Medical student, Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Anthony Machum, Taxpayer, Chair of Sudbury Shared Harvest, Vice-chair River & SKy Arts in the Woods, University of Sudbury
Anne Dipsell, taxpayer
BriAnne Lauzon, Architecture Student
Kim Fahner
Isabelle Larocque
Chantal Bernard
Joanne Godin, Uptown home owner, taxpayer, multi-unit property manager
Michael Caruso, Taxpayer
Carlos Siller Sr, PEO Consultant, CONSI
Trevor D'Orazio, Architecture Student at Laurentian
Alison Bujold, Taxpayer
Jonathan Desanti, Taxpayer
Mandy Contois
Josh Gibbons
Jessica Lovelace, Co-founder, Our Crater
Christine Portelance, Taxpayer
Kayla Gordon, Taxpayer
Pamela Ladouceur, Parent of Special Needs Child who has season tickets to the Wolves for over 20 years
Kyle Pharand, Taxpayer
Cecilia Rodriguez-Beaudoin, Resident
Rob Mens
Jeff Valentini, musician, taxpayer, local bartender
Michael Toppazzini, building owner and business owner
Gaston Godin, uptown home owner, multi-unit property owner, taxpayer
Caitlin Carmichael
John Dodge
Steve Gravel, Taxpayer, Citizen
Jessie Binks
Lia Roy
E Jean
Peter Lukacko, Taxpayer
Sophie Laurence
M Landry
Laura Parsons
Rick Koritko, Taxpayer
Lee-Ann Carrière, downtown Sudbury enthusiast
Emilie Hirschfeld, Tax payer
Marc A-Y Pleau, Citizen, Descendant of Sudbury City Builders., Volunteer at City of Greater Sudbury
Tom Reid, Retired, Vinegar on the Rocks, caterer
Katie Bisset
Peggy Soucie
Tanya Burlington, Business owner and tax payer, Pause Massage therapy
Kyle Tarlton, Business owner, taxpayer, Simplified IT
Andrew Blair, Designer, Science North
Erma Nicol, retired nurse
Linda Audette, Business Owner, Registered Massage Therapist
Nicholas Skakoon
Tristan Legare, Business Owner, Birch Point Contracting
Tara Blair, Professor, Cambrian College
Tracy Scovro
Dan Falcioni, Taxpayer
Julien Bonin
Steve Ripley, Life long citizen, local politician, local historian,
Suzanne Rondeau
Lynne Dupuis, Business Owner and Tax payer
Jesyka Bastelak, Taxpayer
Laura Johnson, Taxpayer
Karley Staskus
James Rinneard, Downtown resident/Employed downtown
Norm Udeschini, Taxpayer
Margarida Szekeres
Mark Hamilton, Taxpayer
Richard Tomlin, Downtown resident and taxpayer
Alex Tétreault, Président, Les Productions médiatiques l'Orignal déchaîné
Andrew Blair, Designer, taxpayer, resident, Science North
Lyse Lapointe, Taxpayer
Helen Eggert, Taxpayer
Jorge Cueto
Jack Davidson
Shawn McLaren
Greg Oldenburg, Developer - The Brewer Lofts, OLDENBURGinc.
Brandon McInnis, Downtown resident
Victoria Sanchioni
Kenneth Reiss, Taxpayer
Moriah Vincent
Dennis Landry
Andréa Desjardins, Taxpayer, live and work in the downtown core
Ashley Hurley, Frequenter of downtown shops, cafes and bars
Gates Godin, Graphic Designer, Fuel Multimedia
Ryan Stuart, Taxpayer
Tracy Baker, Co founder, Makers North
Carrie Linklater
Suzanne Thibault, taxpayer
Angela Smith, Taxpayer
Mikayla Gagnon
Rylan Stolar, Donovan homeowner, taxpayer, culture lover
Alexander Krolick, Taxpayer
Natalie LeBlanc, taxpayer, lifelong resident of Sudbury
Chuck Jacobs, Retired, taxpayer, Skead
Ryan Petrenko
Ida and Domenico Minniti, taxpayer
Sheila Kelly-Petrin, Taxpayer, lifelong resident of Sudbury
Ursula Sauve, Taxpayer
Anthony Crozzoli, Taxpayer
Herve Sauve, Taxpayer
Zachary Berens-Firth, Student
Dale Lacourciere
Nathan Stewart
David Kelly, Author, taxpayer, self-employed
Sharon Day, Taxpayer
Meerna Homayed
Ella Myers
Jordan Hotta
Morgan Kagesheongai, Freelance Illustrator, Left-To-Right-Studios
Jessica Leclair, Taxpayer
Roger Paquette-Leger, Taxpayer, retired
Jovana Jelic
Allie Cumming
Mrs. Catherine Mohns, Taxpayer
Ryan Abresch
Heather McLean, Nursing Student
Kate Lafantaisie
Cautlin Rabta, Taxpayer
Bruno Rocca, Art Director, Taxpayer, Film / TV
Amy Tischler
Chelsea Fournier
Nico Taus, Business Owner
Gail McKee-Humphrey
Collin Watson, Engineer, resident,
Stéphane R Bazinet, Vice President Student Life / VP Socioculturel et des Services, AEF - Association des étudiantes et étudiants francophones de l'Université Laurentienne
Darlene Dardick, taxpayer
Stacey Carter, taxpayer
Christopher Perrin
Stacey Carter, taxpayer
Christine Lavigne, Taxpayer
Steven Smith, Life-long resident,
Stephanie Fortier, business owner, The Spa at 61 Elm
Jenna Lamb
Julie Abresch
Jaz Perry
Sarah Yasinchuk
Mr Weston Sagle, Concerned Citizen
Ryan McAuliffe
Leah Zahavich, Estimator, KJ Beamish
Angie Keefe
Kim Marcuccio
Jim Shea, Business Owner,
Matt Foy, Musician
Anne Bouffard, Owner, Bay Used Books
Caitlyn Quinn, Taxpayer,
Helen Florentis, Business owner, taxpayer
Alex Wood, Taxpayer
Terence Hayes
Jeremy Upward
Daniel Melchior, Owner, Ripple Idea Company
Michael Sanders, Manager of family business, 20 + years downtown, Aaron Taxi / Aaron Transportation
Mike Schwendener, physicist
Linda Desmeules, Taxpayer,
Susan Thompson, Downtown Property Owner
Keltie Melanson, Content Strategist, Fuel Multimedia
Vennice De Guzman
Christine Caveen
Frank Palkovits
Sean Paterson, taxpayer, Gallus Entertainment
Sarah Lalonde, Student
Maureen Fortier, Taxpayer
Kathleen Kitcher, Taxpayer
Emilie Welsh, Enseignante francophone
Jessica Munroe, taxpayer
Avinash Srivastava, Financial Consultant
Bailey Cooke
Allan Barr, taxpayer
Deborah Wilson, Taxpayer
Curtis Dixon
Treana Campbell, taxpayer
Sharon Lennox, Taxpayer
Dan Nepssy, Tax payer
Matti Scherzinger, Designer
Eric Dupuis, Laurentian Student, Employee and 2018-23 Strategic Plan Steering Committee Member, Laurentian University
Michael Kaiser, Photographer, taxpayer
Brian Buttery
Rebecca Letto
Stephanie Marshall, Taxpayer
Jesse Arnett
Stephen Heiti, Taxpayer
Debrah McBride, Taxpayer
Claudia Manoni, Educator, Sudbury School of Montessori
Riley Mulligan, Taxpayer
Gilles Charron
Kevan Collie, Teacher
Debbie St.Germain, Taxpayer
Julia Haddad, RSW MSW
Desa Dobrich
Nathan MacIsaac, Taxpayer
Elizabeth Aho
Rhiannon Heavens
Erin Beange
Stephanie Leclair, Musician, Downtown addictions worker,
Martha Facchini, Educator
Jennifer Davidson, Taxpayer, Board Member, Conservation Sudbury/NDCA
Matt Bonin, Heavy Equipment Operator, Denis Gratton
Patrick Smith
Andrea Jenney, Taxpayer
Colette Julien Leclair, Taxpayer
Cathy Orlando, Envvironmental activist and mom, Citizens Climate Lobby
Ali Catherwood, Business Owner, Dance Evolution
Murder Murder, Internationally touring music group that lives downtown
Sameeya Amyot
J Seltzer
Julie Boivin, Homeowner
Katherine Smith
Brad Smith, taxpayer
Gabrielle Loranger
Darcy Evershed, Taxpayer
David john Castonguay, Taxpayer
Julie Houle, Taxpayer, teacher, musician
Max Lafontaine, Taxpayer
Teresa Oppedisano
Caroline Doucet
Chris Fraser, Taxpayer
Dominic Giroux
Mary Hopper, Taxpayer
Kaarina Ranta, Employer, tax payer
Taisey Downie, Tax payer
John and Janet Binks, Taxpayer
Kandis Mantysaari
Steve richard, taxpayer
Brigitte Demore
David Ewingbui, Doctor, Physician
Margaret Sullivan, Taxpayer
Barry Sullivan, Taxpayer
Normand Bisson, taxpayer
Yves Gervais, Co-founder/VP, Solubiz
Robbie Jones, Managing Partner, Horizon Partners
Bob Wygant, tax payer, business and property owner, Auberge du Village
Nicholas Principe
Darryl Bobbie, Former Downtown Business Owner
Pat Masiero, Taxpayer
Jeanie McAuliffe, Taxpayer
Gerry McIntaggart, Retired city councillor
Alex Gutjahr
Melanie St-Pierre
John Andlar Sr., Business Owner
Mark Elliott, landscape architect, urban planner, Mark Elliott Associates
Shawn Ouimet, owner and downtown supporter, Wemet.ca Consultants
Courtney Kennedy
Jean Kozelko, Taxpayer
Anastasia Rioux, taxpayer and living in the Kingsway ward
Kaitlin Lutyk
Rita Helpert
Katherine Helpert
Patricia R Nolan
Rita Helpert
Al Hamill
Alison Hurley, Tax Payer
Terri Gainer, taxpayer
Mark Scherzinger
Jennifer Bohren, Taxpayer
Emily Heath
Janet Binks, tax payer
Stephanie Peloso, Taxpayer
John Lalonde, Business owner, Sessions Ride Company
Gisele Guenard, Taxpayer & Business Owner, VisionarEase & associates / Client Centered Governance
Christine Rochon, TV & Film Professional, Taxpayer, Downtown resident
Carrie Regenstreif, taxpayer
Jennifer Fortier
Sally Lesk, Music Educator
Frank Lesk
Fabian Hynes
Denis Taillefer, Business owner, Dentree Holdings Ltd
Kevin Gaudaur, Taxpayer
Johm Larmer, Taxpayer
Peg Scherzinger, Citizen
Steph Duchesne, your friendly neighbour
Alex Champagne, Tax Payer, Film & TV worker, small business co-owner
Terry Cholewinsky, taxpayer
Dianna Andlar, taxpayer
Emma Campbell, Assistant Production Coordinator, Film Industry
Kayla-Lyn Robin, P.Eng
Nancy Daoust, tax payer
Kristen Erkila, Taxpayer
Brooke Fecteau, McEwen Architecture student
Deniz Kaci, Student, Laurentian University
Don. Quenville, Taxpayer Sudbury
Richard Roberts
Patti Pegues
Evan Eisenhour
Ronald Lee, taxpayer
Solange Lachance
Rachel Emond, Taxpayer
Mike Carriere, Taxpayer
Jon Folz, Taxpayer
Curtis Morin, Taxpayer
Bobbi Deisinger, Owner, All About Massage Day Spa on Durham
Colleen Joyce
Nikita Ravi
Amber Baechler, Architect, Community Advocate
Kristen Meechan, Taxpayer
Kelly Ann White
Kiara Vallier
Matt Hunter, McEwen Architecture
Thomas Merritt, Local community volunteer
Dana Crispo
Mark Baechler, Architect
Linda Thompson
Nancy Dozzi, Taxpayer
Lauren Foy
Ginette Frappier
Robert Sinclair, Professor of Psychology, Laurentian University
Vanessa Smith
Cristina Masotti, Business Owner, One Sky - Local Fine Goods
Derek Charles David Allair
Shirley Vincent, business owner and taxpayer downtown, El Mercado and Jan Browning Boutique, Cloud 9 Shoes
John Larmer, Taxpaying Sudbury resident
Shala Gagnon, Taxpayer
Val Elliott, former sudburian
Stephanie Racine
Michel Coutu, Greater Sudbury Fire Services
Kirsti Hirsimaki, Taxpayer
Tara Levesque, Business Owner
Julie Johnston-Hayes, taxpayer, full time employee, R Little Secret Fashions
Skylar Paulin, Social Services
Nicole Poulin
Devon Moulton, Downtown Employee
Jann McKay, Owner/Operator, Guardian Angele Respite Care
David Janakowski, Resident
Debbie Bonhomme, Taxpayer
John and Juanita Stolte, Retired educators
David Janakowski, Resident
Brandee Watson, Taxpayer
Christine Sansalone, Taxpayer
Kallie Berens-Firth
Julia Aelick
Benjamin MacKenzie, Business Owner, Shake It Up Sound & Lighting
Brendan Shand, taxpayer
Martha Palys, Taxpayer
Stéphanie Noël de Tilly, Taxpayer
Rebekah Speedie, taxpayer
Thomas Kozak
Kate Maki
Sirkka Lutyk
Connor Willoughby, tappayer
denise truax
Michelle Levis, Taxpayer
Paul MacIntyre
Joyce Tovey, Taxpayer
Debra Dawe, Downtown homeowner
Joanne Burns
Scott Mokohonuk, taxpayer
Connor Mackinnon
Nick Desmarais, taxpayer, Cambrian student
Brenda Rantala-Sykes, taxpayer
Al Halimic, , Government Services
Jamie Saumier, Downtown enthusiast
Barbara Saville, Taxpayer
Natalie Smith, Taxpayer,
Raechel Hamilton, Student, McEwen Architecture
Shannon Goffin
Laura Hill, Nurse Practitioner
David Smith, Business owner, taxpayer
Liija Cassidy Eskola
Hailey Masiero, Taxpayer
Erin Grant, Student, Taxpayer
Patty Desjardins, Business owner, Townehouse Tavern/ Laughing Buddha
Jenna Arthur, Taxpayer/mother
Jennifer Fraser, Taxpayer
Chris Perry, Business owner, taxpayer, Perry + Perry Architects
Madison Dozzi-Perry, Intern Architect, Perry + Perry Architects
Cassandra Falk, Resident MD
Kristi Arnold
Angelica Gervais
Damien Duff, Taxpayer
Saurav Biswas, Taxpayer
Jillian Eddy
Alexandra Berens-Firth, Professional Downtowner
Melinda Dozzi, Taxpayer
Ruby Lougheed Yawney, Business Owner, founder of NO Casino Sudbury, Lougheed Financial Planning
Jordan Dozzi-Perry
Sabina Cerri, Taxpayer
Wynter Bentley, RSW
Alex Serafini
Francois Caron, Professor, School of the environment, Laurentian University
Brandon Lefebvre, Taxpayer
Annie Brunet, Taxpayer
Richard Mara
Stephanie Lagrandeur
Lisa Dozzi
Lise-Anne Serafini, Taxpayer
Alexandra Dozzi, NOSM Student, Taxpayer
Susan Campbell Bast, Taxpayer,
Charlene Ngandu Mbani, Student, McEwen School of Architecture
Simon Fraser, Taxpayer
Mike Raskevicius
Lauren Perry
Dan Serafini, Tax payer
Samantha Baulch
Geoff Waterman
Marlee C
Elaine McLean
Alexandra Lee, Cellist, City of Lakes Music Society, Sudbury Symphony Orchestra, Cello Café, Contes d'un violoncelle
Jonathan Arnold
Colin Perry, Resident
Donna Keranen, Business Owner, Impact Tutoring
Erin Anderson, Tax payer
Mélanie Trottier
Margie Raskevicius, Tax payer
Devin Carlson, Business Owner, Carlson & Keranen Inc.
Jordan Dozzi, Artist, Self-employed
John Bassett, Citizen of Greater Sudbury and Taxpayer
Sara Gibson, Artist, and art consumer
Anja Mielonen, Resident, Employee at Stage & Street
Joseph Cassio
Denys Tremblay, Resident, taxpayer, father
Taija Kelly, Tax Payer
Courtney Bourque, Taxpayer
Christine Bassett, taxpayer
Denise Tessier,
Delky Dozzi
Tori Aloisi-Raskevicius, Taxpayer
John Robert, Taxpayer
Emily Herbert, Employee downtown
Jennifer Pollesel
Chris Haddad, Business owner
Amanda Cecchetto
Joelle Kennedy
Meredith Coulas, taxpayer
Linda Ecclestone
Ryan Dozzi
Monica Villa
Lory Centis, taxpayer
Ashley Scarr
Evie Brisebois, Business Owner and Tax Payer, Zigs Bar
Miriam Cusson, Artist and citizen
Karen Peck, Taxpayer, Local Artist, Citizen,
Francis Thorpe, lifelong resident and advocate for the Dowtown core
Andrea Caverson
Debbie MacIntyre, Taxpayer
Anik Dennie, Taxpayer
Trina Desjardins, ,
Denis Constantineau, Executive director, Centre de santé communautaire du Grand Sudbury
Celeste Bouffard, Taxpayer, downtown enthusiast
Justin Sawchuk, Architectural designer
Dave Ethelston, Taxpayer
Cait Mitchell
Michel Ferguson, Engineer
Brian Blasutti, Business owner, Blasutti Bookkeeping service
Ellen Sheppard
Vanessa Mariga, Taxpayer
Sheila Lumley, property owner, tax payer
Pierre Bonhomme, soon-to-be downtown business owner, Lettuce_Be
Andrée-Michelle D'Aoust-Messier, Taxpayer, mother looking for accessible activities
Melody Portugie
Ashley Paajanen
Carter Jibb
Denis Fortier
Gillian Berman
Kristina Robicheau
Gary Robicheau
Jason Harasymchuk, Taxpayer
Molly Paterson
Scarlett Ward, Social Worker
Marie Whitehead, Sudbury Living Magazine
Sylvia Gasparini, taxpayer
Karen Webster, Taxpayer
Jessica James
Jessica Harris, Taxpayer
Ruth Shepherd, taxpayer
Cathy Bonin
Cassandra Mazzuca
Edith Budgell, Taxpayer
Alain Quesnel, Taxpayer
Alex Gagnon, Director, Sudbury Design Society
Martin Guimond, Taxpayer
Jade Kutchaw, Business Manager, Covergalls
Michael Boeswald
Michael D. James, Photographer
Linda George, Taxpayer
Haley Maziarski
Marnie Maziarski
Joel Maziarski
David Andlar, Business owner
Katie Maziarski
Laura Battaion
Ali McKee
Patricia Jamieson, Taxpayer
Marrissa Gustas
Dave Hodge, Taxpayer
Franca Scott
Kristy Rousseau, Taxpayer
Jennie Vis
Bruce Solski, Downtown resident
Darquise Guimond
Greg Stitt, Taxpayer
Karen Ylitalo, Co-Owner, One Sky-local fine goods
Alex Lamothe
Andrew Bellrose
David Webster, Taxpayer, Medicine
Jake Whitehead, Taxpayer
Donald Kuyek, taxpayer and citizen, lawyer
Alexandria Tsimiklis, Student,
Pierre Paradis, Taxpayer
Iain Park
Matthew Barton, Taxpayer
Joëlle Villeneuve
Shawn Donohoe
Andrew Knapp
Brett Somers, Downtown business manager, HardRock42 Gastropub
Morgan McKee
Al Bonhomme, Musician, The Voice, Musician's Institute
Jill Doyle
Dominica Frometa, Young Adult, Social Butterfly and Singer
Alan McNamara
Rikki-Ann Poitras, Taxpayer/Mom
Drew Glenn-Robinson
Leandra Stopar
Julian Rickards, Taxpayer
John A. Andlar, business owner, Golden Grain Bakery
Karen Oman, Taxpayer
Neil Shyminsky, Sudburian
Karla Ghartey, Uptown resident, community health nurse
Chris Charbonneau, Taxpayer
Frédérique Dallaire-Blais, Taxpayer & consumer
Lisa Graham, Taxpayer
Micale Prévost Hill, taxpayer
Matthew McLean
Genevieve Finlay
Pierrette Lalonde, Taxpayer
Mijou Pelletier, taxpayer
Jennifer Peloso, Taxpayer
Brianna Coffey, Laurentian employee, Laurentian University
Alice Haasdyk, Community Member
Claudette Tremblay, Taxpayer
Chloé Thériault
Onir Olleinrac
Jonathan Tondreau
Gisele Simard
Erica Caden
Tanya Charles, Business Owner and taxpayer, sixtysix
Michelle Wilson
Tracy O'Brien, Taxpayer full time.worker, YMCA childcate worker
Ashley Cann, Taxpayer
Tyler MacDonald, McEwen School of Architecture
Derek Teolis, President, USW LU 2020 Unit 6855
Melanie Dellaire, Tax payer,
Mary Petrak, Taxpayer
Linda Kunat
Brett Walter, Taxpayer
Jaime Panas, taxpayer, downtown resident
Jonathan Huska
Gilles Lacasse, Retired electrical contractor
Heather Anderson, taxpayer
Robert Anderson, taxpayer
Carla Bifolchi
Ryan O'Bumsawin, Taxpayer
Jean-Philippe Saucier, Teaching sessional, McEwen School of architecture
Chris Rudyk, taxpayer
Louise Peach, Concerned Citizen, Retired
Daniel Bédard, Business Owner, Sound Sculptures Sonores
Mathieu Lafontaine
Elyse Lamontagne
Bonnie Mackinnon
Samantha Martin
Scott MacKenzie, Realtor
Ryan O'Neill, Co-Founder, Brüha
Megan Lampkin
Jon Hey, PhD Student
Donna Henderson, Taxpayer
Brian Smith
Paula Dozzi, taxpayer
Madison Helpert, Assistant Production Coordinator, Film & TV, IATSE 411
Claire Narbonne-Fortin, Concerned citizen, retired
Amanda Savoie
Daniel Landry, Taxpayer
Kari Foreman, Downtown Resident/Hour Glass Regular
Grace vandenelzen, taxpayer
Chris Scott, taxpayer
Elise Nelson, Owner, Girl Friday Productions
Olive Nasedkin, Senior Citizen
Robert Jr. Huzij, Taxpayer
Roni Garrard, Student
Maggie Frampton, board member, We Live Up Here
Brian Tremblay, Community Supporter & Taxpayer
Alessio Visentin, Taxpayer
Lindsay Munroe
Allison Caswell
Vladimir Berens, Former Professor, University of Sudbury
Cassandra Visentin
Cassey Mohns, Student
Ted Jr. Pugliese, Taxpayer, Downtown Resident, Entrepreneur
Shannon MacDonald
Sarah Lavoie
Julien Laferriere, Musician
Greg Zinn, Taxpayer
Maureen Masecar
Linda Osachuk, taxpayer
Nicole MacDonald, Taxpayer
Robin Simpson, Taxpayer
Jerry Brown, Fan
Evan Drake
Kyle Haapala, Taxpayer
Shane Cinq-Mars
Mathieu Litalien, Taxpayer
Cedric Bourgeois, Law student
Leesa Bringas
Christian Therrien, taxpayer
Emily Smith, Student
Chantal Abdel-Nour
Randall Kober, Master Lecturer, McEwen School of Architecture
Eric Lavergne, Assistant Track Supervisor, CN Rail
Emily Loiselle, Student
Dr. Sanjiv Mathur, President Sudbury and District Medical Society
Brittnee Gervais
Chris Rudyk
John Abols, retired CPA
Nick Irvine, Taxpayer
Christopher Rychlo, Student
Shianne Roberts, taxpayer
Angie Demore, Taxpayer
Jillian Romanko, resident
Tiia Ovaska
Jenifer Frappier
Curtis Blanchard
Shannon Scodnick
Adam Turcotte
Jeffrey Roach
Jack Tessarolo, Taxpayer, Retired
Heather K. Dahlstrom, Taxpayer, The XY Company
Brian Turcotte, Urban and Regional Planner
Deanna Falvo, Taxpayer
Meagan Lefebvre
Katrina Villeneuve
Jamie Rochon, Taxpayer
Dana Masotti, Taxpayer
Jeff Bachiu, Taxpayer
Shelly Demers, Taxpayer
Erin Ethelston, Nurse Practitioner
Sabrina Larocque, taxpayer
Patrick Chauvin, Taxpayer
Chrystal Prosperi
Linda Carter
Paula Dozzi, MD
Frances Caldarelli
Stacey MacIsaac
Melanie McDonald, Taxpayer
Marjorie Stevens, retired
Sarah Davidson
Michele Cassio
Shane Kavanagh, lover of down town
Monique Farrell
Amelia Rauhanen
Kelsey Wilkinson
Lorraine Wilkinson, , Northern Cancer Foundation
Nicholas Mercier, Taxpayer
Jordan McNeil, Student
Yaeji Han
Isabelle Girard-McFadden, Taxpayer, Coordinator Sudbury Cevaw, downtown resident
Henry Dyck, Student, McEwen School of Architecture
Allison O'Donnell, Taxpayer


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